I have finished the course advanced computers. If you were thinking about taking this class you should have good problem solving skills but there is help available if you need it. This course will help your knowledge on how to make games and how to look at the maker side of the gaming process. I enjoyed this class because it gave you  the ability to be creative. It could be challenging but there was always someone to help you. I though it was awesome to create games and I though my greatest achievement was making the pong game  

This is the project Talking Picture. The sounds come from the Polar Express, Batman, I Love Lucy, and Family Matters. To play the audio phrases from each character click on thier faces. All the sounds are from Movie Waves. The picture is from flickr.

This is my eleventh project in scratch. To start press the space bar. Please ask a yes or no question only. To get an answer press the check or enter key.

This is my tenth project in Scratch. Making a Scratch maze game. I made the ball move using the sensing commands. To play this game use the right, left, up, and down arrow keys to move the ball. The object is to get the ball into the center of the maze. The score will count up for every second your alive.  To start press the space bar.   The music is Sao Paulo After Dark. It was composed by Eric Roberts and it is 30 seconds long.
This is my ninth project in Scratch. I gave him many costume changes to give it the look of a rainbow shark. Also with the fish. To play press the up arrow.

This is my seventh project in Scratch. I made this project using the broadcast and receive commands in Scratch. To start the simulation press the space bar.  

This is my sixth project in Scratch. To start the simulation press the space bar. The song  Yankey Doodle  I made  using the notes in Scratch. The song after Yankey Doodle is called Paralyze. I  got the music from freeplaymusic.com and I edited this music in Audacity.  It is 30 seconds long. It was composed by Cinematic Electronic Vol 6. 




 This is my fifth project in Scratch. Press space bar to start. Control using the left and right arrow keys.  If you lose just press space key again to start. Enjoy! 

This is my fourth project in Scratch. To play just click the space bar.
This was my third project in Scratch. To start the simulation press the space bar.