1. Hold your camara at the eye level of the picture your taking. At the subjects eye level.
2.Look at the background before you take the picture. Less stuff in your background is better. Alot in your background will destract from your main focus
3.Always use the flash even on sunny days to improve your pictures. use flash on cloudy days or in dim light to make your photo stand out from the background
4.For a good picture move in close to your picture. Zoom in or get in close so your sublect fills the whole frame. For small objects use macro or flower on your camera.
5.Take some of your pictures virtical. Some pictures look better in vertical like your friends or a tall building.
6. Lock the focus to make sharper pictures. Center the subject. Press the shutter button half way. re-frame your picture. Press shutter button all the way.
7.Place your picture off center. Just remeber to lock the focus on your sublect.
8. Know the range of your flash. Pictures that are behind your flash range will be dark.
9.Watch your pictures light. Great light makes for a good picture. For people use cloudy day function oon your camera. Avoid to much sunlight .For scenic pictures use color of early and late daylight.
10.Be a picture director. Take an extra minute and be a picture director. Add props, rearrange your subjects, try a different view point.

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